FEP Tubing

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General Characteristics of FEP Fluoropolymer Tubing

FEP is a “Perfluoropolymer” and is a fully fluorinated fluoropolymer with a strong covalent bond of carbon & fluorine molecules. This strong molecular bond produces materials that are:

•     Capable of wide variations in operating temperatures (-100ºF to 400ºF)

•     Compatible with the widest array of organic and inorganic chemistries without degradation.

•     Completely non-flammable

•     Low permeability

•     Low friction coefficient, non-shedding, non-particle generating, and non-aging make these Fluoroplastics excellent choices for chemical conveyance and particularly in high purity applications.

Perfluoropolymers also possess excellent electrical properties:

•    Low dielectric constant, 1 MHz

•    Low dissipation factor

•    High arc resistance, plus high surface & volume resistivity

Both materials are used extensively in electric wire insulation applications.

FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) is a copolymer of Tetrafluoroethylene and Hexafluoropropylene. It allows operating temperatures from -100ºF to 400ºF and is impervious to chemical attack from a wide range of acids, bases and solvents. It has a smooth inner bore, is non-toxic, and meets FDA and pharmaceutical standards for food and drug conveyance.