Fluoroplastic Weldments

Plastic Manufacturing for Critical Fluid Delivery


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At the center of Crist Group’s capabilities is “Fluoroplastic” welding expertise. Where thermoplastics such as PVC, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene play important roles in semiconductor and life sciences industries, these thermoplastics fall short when:


A)     Ultra high purity must be maintained or

B)      Extreme corrosion from strong alkali’s or acids, and/or

C)      High process temperatures are employed.


PFA (Poly Fluorinated Alkoxy) is a fluoroplastic suitable for A,B & C; or a combination of all three process demands.


Crist Group’s core competency is in fabricating PFA, PTFE, Modified PTFE (PTFM), ECTFE (HALAR), FEP, and PVDF into useful fluid delivery products.


PFA finds itself in a majority of the products Crist Group manufactures. It displays equal chemical, temperature and purity requirements to PTFE, however, PTFE is NOT WELDABLE and limited in availability of common off the shelf products such as tube and pipe fittings.


PFA is a true “Thermoplastic” by virtue of its ability to be melt processed from resin powders or granules into a variety of molded or extruded products. Due to PFA’s extreme temperature capability at 500° F operating, it poses fabrication challenges to most thermoplastic fabrication shops. Melting point is 620-650° F. PFA also releases free fluorines at this temperature which is toxic to humans.


Crist Group has the knowledge craftsmanship and safety equipment to be uniquely qualified in PFA product fabrication. Crist Group has forty plus years of plastic fabrication, design, and engineering at your disposal.