Flaring Tools:

Hot flaring has taken over for most installations these days. We offer hot flaring mandrels & kits.

  • Operators can master flawless flares in under 30 minutes of training, ensuring consistent duplication and eliminating variations. This enhances quality and integrity and reduces labor costs.
  • Controls flare dimensions on OD and ID, ensuring precise interface between male fitting and tubing flare.
  • Enables hand-tightening with 90-95% contact interface.
  • Flares are crevice-free, reducing contamination buildup.

PFA Fusion Welded Pipe & Tubing Manifolds:

  • Crist Group has developed its own proprietary fusion welding equipment allowing tube & pipe weldments 1/16″ through 3″
  • Side fusion welding to tank or piping walls. (Note: Side fusion welding eliminates excess fittings and provides full pressure capability while streamlining systems)
  • Angular fitting welds allow for custom fitting configurations such as custom angle elbows and WYE pattern fittings

Formed PFA Tube Assemblies:

  • A unique, proprietary process for forming PFA, FEP, & PTFE tubing into precise, multi-axis tubing assemblies
  • Our C-SHAPE process insures the assembly will be exactly the same this week and for years to come
  • These assemblies retain their shape at elevated temperatures due to C-SHAPE that forms 100% of the assembly, not just the bends
  • C-SHAPE changes the material memory which results in a pre-formed assembly that stays in shape indefinitely.

Specialty Fittings:

  • Custom PFA fittings, dip tubes, spargers
  • FLANGES: PFA, PTFE, PTFM in any size with any outlet. We can provide backing rings in stainless or polypro encapsulated steel

PFA & FEP Retractable Coils & Spray Rinse Assemblies:

  • We use a proprietary process to form coils to specific dimensions that hold there shape under constant flex and internal pressures
  • Tube within tube coils for recirculation applications
  • Our coils have been tested up to 1,000,000 flex cycles without failure

Fluoroplastic & Thermoplastic Hot Gas Welding:

  • We produce weldments in PFA, PTFM, PVC, PP, PE, PVDF, HALAR, and other high-performance plastics
  • Dissimilar materials welding capabilities
  • Dip tubes and sparger pipe fusion welded for maximum strength

PFA Tank & Vessel Fabrication:

  • Specialist in welded PFA tanks
  • Pressurized canisters for fluid delivery, heat exchangers & process filtration

Thermoplastic Pipe Manifold Fabrication:

  • Pipe manifold fabrication including solvent welding and fusion welding

Laser Etching, Drilling & Cutting:

  • Fully fluorinated plastics possess unique mechanical properties that allow material removal without incineration.
  • Intricate parts can be laser cut from PTFE, PTFM, PFA, and FEP.
  • Precision drilling below .010 is possible in round hole, slits, rectangular & oval patterns.
  • This allows pipe or tubing manifolds to be used as spray rinse assemblies, inert gas chemical agitation and dispersed chemical injection.
  • Laser part number, chemical identification info, and direction arrows can be permanently etched into the surface of pipe tubing or flat stock. Laser etching can also be used to improve surface energy for certain operating conditions.

Dedicated Non-Metallic CNC Machining Facility:

  • Complex high-purity fluoroplastic process parts
  • We are able to control lead-time and quality control by machining fluoroplastic parts in house
  • To control purity we only machine high-performance plastics; zero metal machining

Clean Room Preparation & Packaging:

  • Certified cleanroom class 7 with capabilities to go below
  • All products are cleanroom prepared and double bagged.